D.E.B. Device Management Kit:

In addition to our turn-key system capabilities, Vortechs has developed a
ready-to-install device management control panel kit. The D.E.B. Kit comes
fully assembled for field installation by end-users or contractors.

The kit includes:

  • Industrial PLC
  • Protected DC Power supply
  • Field wiring circuit supervision
  • Built in multi-meter functionality
  • Desktop Computer
  • Monitor, mouse and keyboard
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Iconics Genesis-32 HMI/SCADA Software Automation Suite
  • Preprogrammed input scaling and supervisory alarming


Individual panels handle up to 96 monitoring or control points. The system is infinitely scalable with additional panels.


The units come pre-programmed to handle multiple types of end-of-line devices and may be used for a wide variety of monitoring and/or control applications.


The Kit includes all the software necessary for customization of sequence programming and HMI functions.

Vortechs Assistance

Vortechs is available for complete support, additional customization and commissioning either on line or on site.