Vortechs Building Control Systems
The Vortechs Building Control System is comprised of distributed digital controllers and PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), a dedicated computer and powerful Industrial grade Automation Software configured and programmed to run your building at peak efficiency.

Building personnel will find our Graphical Interface, which functions like an automobile dashboard, easy to learn and easy to use. A series of screens display key building information incorporating an easy to use control panel, floor plans, detailed system documentation, a scheduler and a full time facility guardian alarm system that can report a minor fault before it becomes a major emergency.

Individual pieces of equipment, such as chillers and air handlers, are controlled by proven sensors, switches, relays, valves and actuators that automatically read conditions and perform operations that control heating, cooling, ventilation and other critical functions in your building.

The information accumulated and stored in the Vortechs System documents energy consumption and equipment performance. This information shows where and when opportunities exist to curb and control excess usage and may be used to generate preventive maintenance schedules and other customized reports.

Engineering for Energy Conservation
There are situations that require that a project be planned long before it is installed. Under these circumstances, Vortechs will provide detailed plans for a building control system for use in budgeting, construction planning and equipment purchase.

Control System Commissioning
In new construction or for new equipment installation, Vortechs will verify and document that all components are properly installed and thoroughly tested to ensure that the building's requirements are met.

Control System Re-commissioning
Even the most well conceived control system will deteriorate over time. Changes in use, scheduling, partial renovation, component failures and equipment replacement will all impact how effectively a control system operates. For these systems, Vortechs provides Re-commissioning services. Re-commissioning includes a comprehensive inspection of control components, re-sequencing where required, software updates as appropriate, full testing and documentation of the entire system. The result is a building that runs efficiently and takes full advantage of its control system's capabilities.

Peak-Performance Contracts
Clients often prefer to have Vortechs involved in their building's performance on a continuing basis after installation, commissioning or re-commissioning. For this reason, Vortechs has developed a peak performance contract that includes consultation, site visits for repair of installed devices, remote response to alarms, remote management of system components, training and scheduled monitoring. The first year following installation of the Vortechs Control System is included in the cost of installation.

Vortechs provides a wide range of consulting services for energy related issues. We also act as liaison or owner's representative to assist in product selection and application.